Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 Odds & Prediction
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Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 Odds & Prediction

Tyson Fury (right) is favored in the Fury vs Wilder 3 odds.

It appeared Tyson Fury was going to fight Anthony Joshua in August to crown the newest undisputed heavyweight champion, before an arbitrator ruled Fury had to fight Deontay Wilder by September 15. The contract was signed for the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder trilogy to take place on July 24, but Fury contracted COVID-19 and that bout has been postponed again until October 9.

After a remarkable performance by Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury in his rematch against Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder on February 22, 2020, a trilogy fight is now on the horizon at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the main event scheduled to happen around 10:30 p.m. ET.

Fury and Wilder fought to a split draw in their first encounter with the Gypsy King outboxing the Bronze Bomber for the majority of the fight but getting dropped twice. It was a completely different scenario in the rematch with the Brit, Fury, putting it on the American, Wilder, and stopping him in the seventh round.

After losing the belt, Wilder enacted his rematch clause, which set up the trilogy fight between these great heavyweights. Although the Gypsy King was an underdog in the first two fights, Bovada has the Fury vs Wilder odds with Tyson listed at -285 and Deontay the +225 underdog.

The current betting lines mean that you would have to wager $285 to profit $100 on a Fury victory while a $100 bet on a Wilder win would profit you $225.

Fury vs Wilder 3 Odds

Tyson Fury-285
Deontay Wilder+225

Odds as of October 8 at Bovada

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Fury’s odds of -285 represent an implied win probability of 74.03 percent while Wilder’s +225 betting line has an implied win probability of 30.77 percent.

Fury vs Wilder Odds Analysis

Fury was favored for about 14 months ahead of the rematch with Wilder but the odds flipped about a week before that second encounter and the heavy hitter from Alabama became the favorite. Unfortunately for all those backers who flipped the line, the Brit walked through Wilder and cashed in as an underdog.

As one-sided as that second fight was, the odds in Fury’s favor aren’t astronomical and that’s because Wilder still has that right hand that will shut anyone’s lights out if it lands. The Gypsy King employed two different strategies in the two matches, using a more conservative point-fighting style in the first and an all-out onslaught that led to a knockout in the second.

How did Fury vs Wilder 2 Play Out?

There were many rumors swirling ahead of the rematch. The 20 pounds that each fighter added was perceived to be advantageous to Wilder’s power and a hindrance to Fury’s footwork and movements. Additionally, there was talk that the Bronze Bomber was battling the flu and the Gypsy King had a significant ankle injury.

Rumors aside, when the bell rang for Round 1, it was clear that Fury was going to do what he’d said he was going to do and that was to get in Wilder’s face and score the knockout.

The Brit darted at the American, closing space and stalking him. He did absorb a heavy right hand late in the round but for the remainder of the fight, Fury maintained this strategy, suffocating Wilder, crowding him, dirty-boxing in the clinch and making Wilder carry his weight.

Eventually, the Bronze Bomber’s corner threw in the towel in the seventh round after he had been battered, bruised and dropped several times.

Fury vs Wilder Trilogy Preview

Clearly, Fury figured out something about Wilder that was reflected in his approach in the rematch – close the distance, which should take the power out of Wilder’s hands, and try to tire him out. It was a dangerous strategy, especially early in the fight, since closing the distance could have put him in the line of fire for that devastating knockout power. But you could see the Bronze Bomber slowing as early as the second round, and surely the cut to his left ear was bothersome.

A full training camp for Wilder to work on circling to his right away from Fury and firing his jab more often to maintain distance may change the look of this matchup for the third fight. That said, a point-fighting style is not Wilder’s strong suit and I can’t see a way that he could win on the judges’ scorecards.

Fury vs Wilder 3 Pick

In my opinion, the only way there will be a different outcome the third time around is if Wilder storms out of the gate at the start of the fight and lets his hands fly – knock out or be knocked out like wee see in UFC fight news. If that were the case, exchanging hands may give the edge to the American as he has devastating power, but Fury may not be dumb enough to stand in the pocket in that situation.

Prediction: Tyson Fury (-285) via knockout


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